Thursday, April 05, 2007

Time Flies

It seems only yesterday that I posted about our new greyhound, but it has been a few weeks. March was one of those months that blurs by without a break. It is good to be into April and spring break if only to catch my breath for the next few weeks closing out the school year.

I still wonder what God's plan is for me as a teacher. I passed the exam (with flying colors) only to be handed another hoop to jump through. This particular hoop requires an employer's signature or another $20 fee. Sounds suspiciously bureaucratic to me.....gotta keep praying for wisdom and direction.

On the home front, this is a joyful week. Brian and Carrie are in Matamoros, Mexico building houses and visiting orphans. Corinne is with the JFBC Middle School choir in Jacksonville, FL doing concerts and construction work. Caty Mae and I have enjoyed some time together. We took a day trip to Rock City, did some shopping, and went for a movie and some pampering.

Yesterday Caty Mae cut off 10" of her curly tresses to donate to Locks of Love. It is her second donation...for a total of 20" Her new style is adorable--and promises to be much easier to maintain!!

And for today--that's is sufficient!