Sunday, October 30, 2016

What message?

What is the message?

If evangelicals continue to follow the path of “lesser of two evils”, how can we ever hope to have influence over wicked policies and increasing secularism? How can we purport to be seekers after Truth when we purposefully choose one evil over another? This is not a moral option.

Evangelicals who cite Nero or Henry VIII as examples of evil rulers whom God used for His own purpose neglect to consider that neither of these were voted into power by their subjects. In fact, the one time the people DID choose a king, God was clear that it was a bad idea to choose a leader who met a certain standard set by humans. They chose Saul, and that ended badly. God then chose David, whose moral choices were often misguided, but his heart sought after God.

In this particular election, we are faced with Saul or Jezebel. Do we choose based on history? Do we choose based on image, as in the case of Saul? Do we choose based on experience, as in the case of Jezebel? Neither seeks after the heart of God- by their own admissions. One seeks after the heart of progressivism, with its embrace of abortion, liberality, and anti-Christian policies. The other seeks after the heart of the angry and the business of the world. One may seem acceptable to some, while the other is acceptable to others. Neither is a good moral choice, yet both call on some form of “righteousness” that the other is lacking.

No matter what the outcome of this election may be, there will not be a godly person in leadership. Whomever is put in place will be divisive, seeking first the kingdom of self, the promotion of personal power, and the continual belittling of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

As for me, choose for yourself for whom you will vote, but I refuse to be party to the continued degradation of the Church in the Western world. I will not choose Saul or Jezebel. I will exercise my privilege to be part of a representative democracy, but I will not be belittled or shamed into compromising my integrity. I will vote my conscience and I will seek the heart of God regardless of the state of the nation in which I live.