Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Romania 2010--reflection

Meet my friends, Doru and Ioana Jecu from Draganesti, Romania. Doru's English is about as good as my Romanian, but somehow I connected with this couple in the span of only two days.

They are among the 80 or so people who came up to the Pace Center in Sibiu for a retreat and introduction to The Purpose Driven Life.  Draganesti is a village of staunch Orthodoxy--along with 85% unemployment. Many villagers never travel more than 50 miles from home. The retreat was a special event for everyone--pastors, missionaries, and attendees. God is preparing a mighty work in Draganesti, and I am certain that Doru and Ioana will be among the firstfruits. I smile whenever I think of them. Ioana is a bit shy, but so sweet. Doru is a bundle of energy, and full of spunk. He isn't afraid to challenge the teacher, so it's important to be quick when he starts talking.

Still, I left the retreat feeling like Doru's heart was beginning to soften as he SAW the acts of believers for himself. Ioana will follow her husband's lead--or she will become the praying wife who wins him without a word. The pastor of the little church in Draganesti wrote this note to the Global Missions team at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church (who sponsored the retreat):

Thank you for everyting that you have done for us at Selimbar, Sibiu. We had a good time there and we can say that we have received positive feedback from the families which were there. Not only that our souls were fed by the word of God but we also got to know each other better. Because of the distance, only 2-3 families will not be able to come in Draganesti to study "The Purpose Driven Life".

Some realised that they want to follow the command of Jesus of being baptised. Others said they have never seen so many believers - reffering to the church in Alba Iulia. One of the men said that when Stephanie prayed for him, he felt something special inside.

For others, the hosts in Alba Iulia were a good example, providing a spiritual environment. The sermons, testimonies, songs developed deeper understanding of God.

We were all impressed by your dedicated heart. There were many women who said nobody has done what you did, washing their feet and hand massage.

In other words, it was awesome!
Thank you and God bless,
Costea Raul -" Spreading the Gospel in Oltenia"
str. Nicolae Titulescu, bl D14, ap 11, etj 4
Draganesti- Olt
jud. Olt - Romania

So, pray for the church at Draganesti. And pray for Doru and Ioana, my friends who have so much potential to infuse a village with the energy of the Spirit!