Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Saints Day

Verse from "For All the Saints" Processional Hymn;
 lyrics by  Anglican Bishop of WakefieldWilliam Walsham How, music by Ralph Vaughn Williams

Painting by Fra Angelico
photo: mine
overlay: Kim Klassen

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mike and Carrie

Mike and Carrie came for a visit over the weekend and we took a few minutes to do some pictures for their holiday cards. (Yes, it is that time of year!) I think they're adorable.

Snowy overlay by me
Savor overlay by Kim Klassen

Monday, October 14, 2013

and more...

 a little more subtle this time...

More Photoplay Before and After

HUGE lemons!!

I lost track of the number of layers..I know I used one of Kim Klassen's textures (minus43) and I made a texture out of a collage I created a long time ago...I like the vintage look of it...

Before and After: Photoplay

Corinne took some wonderful pictures in Italy this summer. They're perfect for Photoshop play!

I think she took this one in Montepulciano,  but I'm not sure. Hopefully she will let me know! I love the play of light and shadow, and the promise of something wonderful at the end of the road.

I used seven actions from Greater than Gatsby to get the color I wanted, then finished up with a tutorial on the use of "dissolve" mode in Photoshop. I never did understand the purpose of that mode, but it works with this shot!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Before and After: A Project

Several years ago I bought an IKEA floor lamp like this. The shade was paper, and I didn't expect it to last long, but it did. Finally,  a few weeks ago, the shade tore in half. My first thought was to just tape it together with packing tape, but Brian said something about "paper" and I recalled the rolls of paper in my studio.

I found a roll of handmade banana leaf paper, cut it to size, and attached it to the hardware with quick tack white glue. I used clothespins to hold it is overnight, and this morning I placed the new shade on the lamp. Voila!

Quick, easy, and mostly one-handed--custom lamp.