Thursday, September 07, 2006

God at work

Seems every year God gives me another opportunity to watch His hand and discover his plan. Moving from California to Georgia was one of the most obvious times I knew God was orchestrating events. (I'll post that later.) Kidnapping my dear friend for a road trip to Kansas City was another (and another post for later.) Now I am beginning to sense God moving events and times yet again.

Since moving to Georgia, I have been perfectly content to immerse myself in art, church, and neighborhood events. (I've even learned to play tennis reasonably well---whodathunkit?) This year, however, it was time to bring in a little income, so I turned to the substitute teacher list. Upon further investigation, I discovered that my CA credential may be more valuable than I had originally thought. For over a year I was sure that I would have to spend time and money taking classes to get a Georgia certification---and I'd just a soon spend that working toward a Master's Degree. In the course of filling out the substitute teacher paperwork (government---why so much paperwork?), I ran into a small blurb (no one was hurt) called "reciprocity." As it happens, California doesn't accept much from other states, but other states, Georgia included, LOVE California teachers. Once school was underway, I filled out MORE paperwork to check into reciprocity---just to see.

In the meantime, a local drama/lit teacher, is apparently exceedingly UNHAPPY with her lot in life---and the students take the brunt of her dissatisfaction. Third hand information being what it is, I hate to speculate, but I do know from a first-hand account that the principal would be delighted to free her from her contract, but qualified teachers capapble of teaching both Literature and Theater are diffiult to locate.

As that story unfolds, I receive a response back from the Georgia school system (technically the "Georgia Professional Standards Commission") saying that I will have a Georgia certification once they recieved official college transripts (why they need 24 year old documents, I'll never understand, but whatever...), a money order for $20, and a passing "subject assessment test score." So, I'll take that test in November....and see what God does in the meantime.......

Watch and pray, right?

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