Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Introducing Dolce

After losing our Velvet, we felt an emptiness in our hearts and home. Lexi, poor girl, curled up in a ball for two days. Since we planned to adopt another greyhound anyway, we decided to do so as soon as possible.

As it happened, one of the local greyhound rescue groups (Southeastern Greyhound Adoption) needed help bringing a haul of dogs in from a track in Florida. Brian and Corinne volunteered to help. Three girls rode in the van with them, and over the course of the two-plus hour drive, one of them made herself very comfortable with them: resting her head on their shoulders, peering out the front window, anything she could do to endear herself to them. Carrie and Caty Mae met the group at the kennel to help bathe the hounds and get them ready for adoption. They, too, were enamored of this sweet girl. I went to meet her the following Monday evening and she stole my heart as well.

On Saturday, Feb 10, one week after her arrival in Georgia and two weeks after losing our Velvet, we welcomed Dolce into our home and lives. She is 2 1/2 and as soft and sweet as can be. We're looking forward to many years of loving both Dolce and Lexi!!


Rita Ann's Designs said...

She is so beautiful dog.

angelstamper373 said...

Oh Stephanie, I had no idea you had lost Velvet. I feel just terrible! She was such a wonderful dog, and I bet poor Lexi was in a tizzy after she was gone. GREAT BIG HUGS TO YOU and your wonderful family.

Love ya,