Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A whirlwind of adventure

With the end of the school year behind me, I am now focused on preparing for a series of trips that promise to be full of adventure. In two days I will leave with the High School choir of JFBC for a week (plus travel days in New York City. I am paired with the youth pastor and his wife to parent a family groups of 12. We'll do mission work, present concerts...should be exciting (and a little interesting at times I am sure!

About 40 hours after the return from NYC, I will leave on the most exciting leg of my summer: to Romania to present a series of women's conferences and visit wit the elderly and the orphans. I have written my lessons and prepared as much as I can so that I will be ready to go. Getting my passport for the trip proved interesting---the passport agency in Philadelphia actually lost my application. A few phone calls and it was found, but it was a scary few days. God is faithful--as always.

I'll then have three days at home to unpack and repack for TAC Seminar in Kansas City. Since I know what to expect from that trip, I anticipate it to be smooth sailing and lots of fun.

Finally, on July 3 (two days after my return from KC) the family leaves for our much anticipated Disney vacation--four days at the parks, two days at the hotel resort, and three days on a cruise. That will be wonderful--just relaxing with the family. Once that trip is over, I'll be home to sort through pictures and experiences-----and blog.


Gonta said...

I know it's going back a ways, but any idea what number you called and who you spoke to at the Philadelphia passport agency?

Stephanie Loomis said...

I sure don't :(