Thursday, January 24, 2008

Twenty One Years

Twenty one years married today. Three times the national average. I have been married half my life. WOW. How blessed am I???


CJE said...

I know you don't know me.. but I stumbled upon your blog today and it made me smile to see your pictures, and I wanted to say Congratulations!! It just struck me as strange that I stumbled upon your blog today, as I just returned from my lawyers office to end my 17 year marriage. Marriage is truly a wonderful thing and you two look so happy (in both pictures) and it really does my heart good to see two people, who have made it so long in a world where that is such a rare thing these days! Once again Congratulations to the both of you.. What a wonderful thing to have found forever with each other!

Dawn said...

21 years - wow!! in this day and age it is so rare to see 2 people so happy together after all this time. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
You are blessed and I will have been married 17 years in August and I too am still happy...aren't we the lucky ones