Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Teacher at heart

In looking back at past posts, I realized that I have been remiss in telling God's plan for my teaching. It's always HIS plan and HIS timing.

Until last summer I was content to substitute now and then and have time for art and other pursuits. Knowing that Carrie was a senior in high school prompted me to look again into teaching, but not full time. I applied for a job as a tutor at a local business, and in spite of a good interview, was not hired. I didn't stress about it, knowing from experience that God was in control of our finances, my employment, and our children's education.

I took a job at a scrapbook store in Atlanta (and enjoy it--especially when I get to teach classes there.) I have also cared for a darling little girl since she was three months old (January 2007) once a week. So, I settled in to budget more and wait.

In December I received an unanticipated call from the Independent Studies "co-op" at JFBC. Their 10th and 12th grade Literature teacher would be leaving mid-year and would I be interested in interviewing? The administrator who made the call had no idea who I was or that I attended JFBC. She got my number from the tutoring service where I had interviewed months before. (Apparently they liked me, but had no place for my unique collection of skills.) The IS program meets in classes on Tuesdays and Fridays, with periodic workshops on Wednesdays. The students are home-schooled the other days of the week.

To make a longish story shorter, I took the position and LOVE it. The times are ideal and the students are a ton of fun. I've been offered a contract for four classes next year---and the amount is about what we'll need to cover Carrie's college costs after the Hope scholarship. God is good---all the time.

Always trusting---because HE is trustworthy!

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