Monday, June 23, 2008

Super Swimmer

Who knew there would be an actual athlete in our family? Before moving to Georgia three-plus years ago, swimming was limited to the blow-up pool in our back yard. Here most neighborhoods have neighborhood pools and neighborhood swim teams. Caty Mae took to the water like...well, like a fish. She swims year round, working hard and loving it. It's been fun to watch her improve her technique and her time. She now has better times than the boys on the neighborhood team--the boys in the next age group.
You GO girl!


Pops said...

I keep meaning to ask if you use a program on your computer to make those scrapbook pages or are thy done by hand and then scanned?

MrsL said...

I use Adobe PhotoShop Elements 5.0 for pretty much everything. There are a couple of great websites for digital embellishments and digital papers--along with pretty much anything you can imagine. I love creating my own embellishments. For this layout I took a picture of the pool between events and then saved it as a 12"x12" 300dpi background. I scanned Caty Mae's blue ribbons and used PSE to erase all the background. You'll see more of that as I go along; there's something satisfying about creating my own embelishments from three dimsensional objects.

Costco now prints 8" and12" squares in their one hour lab, so I create and upload to Costco and then dh (dear husband in this case) picks them on his way home from works. It's prety slick---less expensive than traditional scrapbooking, but all the fun design elements.