Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And so it goes

It is apparent that school has begin with all the schedule craziness that accompanies it! Who knew it would be near the end of August before time allowed a moment to sit and think and reflect?

Stamper's Quest has been well-recieved---beyond my wildest imaginings. Over 18,000 hits in three weeks--there must have been a hunger among rubber stamp artists for something new.

Carrie is off to college and in just a few days has settled into dorm life, classes, and a whole new adventure. It's exciting to see her move forward with her life. We're thankful for unlimited text messaging on our cell phones, but after all the years of uncertainty, it's is a joy to see her spread her wings and prepare to fly.

Of course, Caty Mae and Corinne are fully involved with classes and homework and swimming and band---and church activities, too. My own classes begin next week, so by Labor Day, the schedule for the rest of the year will be completely in place. Bring it on!

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