Friday, December 12, 2008

Kreative Blogger award

Well, now how much fun it this? I have been chosen by a fellow artist as one of her seven Kreativ Bloggers!

So, now I get to share seven things I love and pass the award along to seven other bloggers. So, here goes nothing:

Seven things I love

1. God! Without Jesus I am nothing.

2. My husband--even when he makes me crazy.

3. My girls--even when THEY drive me crazy!

4. The ocean's roar and the wind in the trees (okay, I cheated and snuck two in there.)

5. MUSIC (see previous post about that)

6. Learning. As a teacher, I find I learn ALL the time. As an artist I find new ways to learn.

7. My studio (aka my sanctuary). When I close the door I enter my own world.

Seven Award winners...this is hard, because the people who inspire me are so far beyond me in talent and vision that I feel a little bit like a movie extra handing out Oscars or Golden Globes. In any case, take a look at these fabulous blogs:

Heidi Arfstrom
Melanie Smith
Sherre Hulbert
Michelle A-Z
Marcia Mattos
Fabrizio Martellucci
Shelly Newkirk

And there you have it: seven incredibly talented bloggers with a variety of styles for you to visit for inspiration. Let them know I sent you there!

Gee, can I say I have an "award-winning" blog now?

Thanks Sharon! (check out her blog, too:


Melanie said...

Thank you Stephanie

sherresartmusings said...

Bless you Stephanie! May you and yours have a blessed Christmas!

Márcia Mattos said...

Thanks so much Stephanie for the award!!
I just posted it to my blog!!!

hugs from Brasil