Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Two weeks ago we had a heat wave here in metro Atlanta. This week boasts the coldest temperatures in several years. Craziness. I'm doing my level best to keep my training up, however, and today I did a 4.5 mile powerwalk/easy jog in under an hour. It was 25 degrees. It really felt good once I got going. Then I came home and took Corinne with me to the gym so I could get some strength training in, too. I'm glad for the sunshine, because it doesn't seem as cold in the dry, sunny air.

The weather is supposed to change again--cold and rainy--so I'll be training in the gym until it either warms up again or dries out. I am determined to be super fit by the time the Granite Grinder rolls around. Hopefully I can do a 10-13 mile powerwalk/easy jog on my birthday, which falls during school break. I have a month to do it---and I'm confident I will succeed.

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