Monday, January 11, 2010

My Favorite Photo of the Big Freeze

Four full days without breaking the freezing point is unheard of in the South, yet from January 7 through 10, the temperature didn't rise above 32F (0C.) This created a number of challenges, particularly icy roads. This road just beyond my driveway is in the shade, so the ice was especially treacherous. Thankfully, it is little traveled, and after today's balmy 43F, has begun to melt away.

Lately I'm loving perspective shots. I'm learning to see things in unusual ways. Hopefully this new artistic eye will also manifest in how I view the challenges and blessings God brings to my life every day. I want to see Him with new eyes, always aware that He directs my steps.

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jon m. said...

Very cool picture! I love the way the sun looks on the ice. Very pretty!