Thursday, April 08, 2010

Blessings Fall Like Rain

It rained today. After several days of pollen counts beyond extreme, the rain was welcome. After a wet winter, I certainly didn't think I'd be ready for rain again so quickly, but it was a beautiful thing this afternoon!

When the rain ended, the sky was brilliant blue rather than pollen haze. Of course, the sky is always brilliant, but there are days when it is hard to see it through the tiny particles that float through the air. Even though each speck of pollen is miniscule, the cumulative effect is enough to blot out the sky.

It's often the same in my relationship with God. God is always there--the same yesterday, today, and forever.  However, little particles of life sometimes obstruct my view of Him, especially when I focus on them instead of looking beyond. In the broad scope of eternity, the minutiae of my "problems" are nothing greater than a single grain of pollen--even less than that. Stress, finances, busyness--all these cloud my view of the Father in His brilliance.

And then He sends the rain. Sometimes it comes as a scripture lesson. Sometimes it is a song or an experience. And then there are the sweetest times when I hear His still, small, voice when I least expect it. Suddenly, the clouds clear away and all I can see is brilliant blue. Blessings falling like rain...and I am grateful.

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