Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Trying something new..

Faith Sisters is one of my favorite places for digital scrapbook supplies and every year they put together a collaborative kit to benefit World Vision Charity. This year they invited everyone to participate, so I put together my first digital kit:
Jesus Loves the Little Children

If you go to, you can download my kit (and all the others that are submitted over the next three weeks) for free.

Have fun-----(and thanks for looking)


Peace_of_Mind said...

That's really cool! I have a friend who has her own business doing scrap booking, I am not sure if it is via the computer or internet. I really need to do some scrap booking though... I have 4 kids and like 2 boxes of photos! lol I have tried and I am pretty crafty, but finding the time and not having little hands scattering the supplies is my biggest challenges with it. Thanks for sharing this.

Tiare aka Classygirl said...

How cool is that! Love, love,love the colors!