Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nothing says a spring day like...

This is another of the journal prompts for my creative writing class. I thought I'd play along this time.

Nothing says a spring day like yellow dust. It covers the cars. It covers the patios and decks. The tennis courts yield clouds of yellow as the ball bounces off the line. It gets into noses and eyes and contact lenses. It turns to yellow mud after a spring shower, leaving artistic trails as the water evaporates.

Yellow is a happy color. It evokes images of sunshine and laughter and outdoor fun. It recalls smiley faced circles, and a certain sugar cookie from a bakery in Bakersfield.

Yellow is warm and friendly. It embraces the soul and turns the blue spirit into the green of new beginnings and life. It energizes and harmonizes and highlights the best and the brightest.

A spring day in Georgia is all about the yellow dust. It annoys, maddens, and frustrates. But yellow is happy---even in pollen form, because it means that winter is over, spring has arrived, and summer is on the way.

1 comment:

Christian and the City said...

Yellow dust in my eye.
Yellow dust makes me cry.
Yellow dust colors the air.
Yelow dust, I dance like I don't care.