Saturday, June 04, 2011

I Need to be HGTV'd!

HGTV has a new show called "HGTV'd" where they send a designer and a crew to makeover one room in a house. I entered our master bathroom. We've never liked the floor to vaulted ceiling wallpaper, and we hate the pink carpet. (Whoever thought pink carpet was a good idea in a bathroom should be forced to live in a pink carpet padded room.)

So, I need help from my friends. Click the link to the HGTV site and give my room 1 star (for really awful.) Then leave a comment telling the producers just how much this room (and this family) needs a major makeover!

Oh Mercy! Marietta Master Bath

Get everyone you know....we've lived with this ghastly room for 6.5 years---and it'll be 8-10 more before we can afford to make it over right ourselves!!!

Save Brian from the flowers on all four walls---and save us all from the pink carpet!

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