Monday, July 30, 2012

Altered Shoes Part Two

 Start with inexpensive canvas shoes. Wash and dry them. Tape off the rubber with painter's tape.

Let the fun begin.

I used a combination of Textile Paints by Jacquard and  Lumieres by Jacquard. The Lumieres I mixed with fabric medium. I also used some acrylic paint, again mixed with fabric medium.

My inspiration for these shoes was a beach sunset, so I focused on colors of water and the shades of reds, golds, yellows, and pinks of the sunset.

I then sewed large sequins around the seam using embroidery floss and a tapestry needle. I had a pair of jewelry pliers handy for when the needle got stuck, as canvas is a pretty tough fabric. I actually broke one needle.

I added a charm that says, "dream" to each shoe.

I dug out blue and green beads that I had in my stash and used the same embroidery floss to sew them to the back seam of the shoes. I looped them in threes for a sort of scalloped effect.

I liked the look of the beads so much that I added beads to the sequins on the top seam.

I finished the look with some fun laces I found at Target.

And now I can kick back and enjoy my custom shoes.



Lisa T said...

Very cool! I remember that "painting" canvas shoes was pretty big a few years ago. (Back in the day when we painted sweatshirts, etc. with fabric paint.)

Mischelle Smith said...

Looks SO FUN! THANK YOU for sharing the results!