Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I'll Do That Right Now...Maybe.

Does anyone else have a spouse who is easily distracted? Seriously. It's comical, some of the time. Today is my baby girl's 17th birthday. She wants to go to Red Robin with a few friends. No problem--except it's 40 minutes away and she has rehearsal until after 8. Still, the friends are here and we will all fit in our van...except.

After last week's amazing vacation, the van seats are laid flat for travel and cleaning. The seats need to be made upright in order for seven people to ride along. I can't get them to work (the van is 10 years old and the seats are both awkward and heavy.) So, I get home from work at 5 and remind the man that the seats are folded. He says, "I'll go do that right now" and promptly gets on a business call. Okay, that's cool. It's work and there's not much to do about that. 6:30 rolls around and he says, "I'll go take care of the seats right now" as he heads to the shower upstairs. 7:30: "I'll go do those seats right now" as he empties the dishwasher (can't fault him for that). 8:24--the birthday girl rolls in and THEN it is finally "right now."  URGH!

Okay, I feel better.

I wonder how often I treat God the same way. I say, "I'll work on that Bible study right now" as I take on project after project. I say, "I'll have prayer time right now" as I scroll through Facebook or Pinterest. I say, "I'll contemplate the wonder of God right now" as I float along in a superficial sea of banality.

I guess I have plenty to learn, and no room to be annoyed by the "right now" comment.


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