Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Jam 2014 in two parts

So, winter has been interesting this year. The end of January saw a storm turn in an unexpected direction and left thousands of cars jammed on freeways for hours as 5 million people all left Atlanta at the same time. Children got stuck on school buses or at schools, offices saw employees (including Brian) stay overnight, one brave soul even gave birth on Highway 285. After enduring the ridicule of the nation (more than 2000 accidents, people spending the night in their cars--comparatively few injuries and no deaths) for lack of preparation, the powers that be determined no to be caught off guard again. To be fair, every forecast had the storm traveling well south of Atlanta.

The preparedness was tested as an unprecedented SECOND major storm blew through north and central Georgia. This one came with ice and snow and sleet, and was actually more dangerous than the first because of the heavy ice. Power was a issue for many people, especially in the eastern part of the state. Unlike the first, the roads were clear because people heeded the warnings to stay home. And we did. For three days.

the firepit

And for now, life returns to normal--whatever that may be.

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