Saturday, December 31, 2016

Loomis family 2016 in review

In keeping with the example set by friends on Facebook, this little update will be short and sweet.

Sixteen things the Loomis family did in 2016:

  1. In January, Stephanie was able to present with one of her academic idols, Donna Alvermann, at the JoLLE conference at the University of Georgia. Stephanie enjoyed the four conferences she attended, but especially loved the opportunity to connect with friends, make new friends,  and meeting her research partner of the last two years in person for the first time.
  2. In March we hired a herd of goats to clear out 15 years worth of English ivy in our backyard. It took four days, but they took the yard back to to ground. Of course, they didn't eat the roots and we'll have to do it again in a couple of years, but it was fun.
  3. The Anderson girls are still part of our lives. After ten years, they may as well be family. We love them!
  4. Watching Maddie grow from infant to baby to toddler with personality took over most of our free time. We are grateful for technology that allows video chats!
  5. Corinne, working as an Emergency Department nurse at Children's Health Care of Atlanta, still found time to run. We love hearing from people we know who interact with her about how good she is at her job.
  6. Stephanie enjoyed using MARTA to commute to classes at Georgia State University. She completed 12 courses in 2016  she works toward a PhD in Teaching and Learning.
  7.  In July we said "Good bye" to our sweet Dolce, who took ill and was gone before we could begin to process life without her. Lexi continues to amaze us. At 13, she can hardly see or hear, and she has lost most of her teeth, but she is always happy when we are home. Puccini, the Italian Greyhound, turned 6, and continues to be a dog with a cat's attitude toward people.
  8. During the summer, Caty Mae toured with the drum corps group, Spirit of Atlanta. She changed her major from music education to early childhood education, but percussion is in her blood, and she loves to perform. We love watching her. Drum Corps finals were in Indianapolis, so we traveled to watch Caty Mae and the corps. Of course, we had to tour the Indy 500 track. Stephanie remembers listening to this race on the radio in the early 1970s- starting the race before church and coming home after church for the last few laps. The tour and the museum are fantastic, even for non-racing fans.
  9. Brian did a fair amount of traveling with his job at NASCO, mostly to New Jersey. 
  10. Kennesaw State Football was a fun way to spend Saturdays through the Fall. Of course, our favorite part was the Marching Owls.
  11.  Brian was pleased to see that he still fit into his fraternity letters!
  12. Hurricane Matthew sent Mike, Carrie, and Maddie to Marietta for a week, where we celebrated Maddie's first birthday. She had her official party after flood waters receded.
  13. Brian found a new hobby in buying, restoring, and selling vintage fountain pens.
  14. A massive oak fell in the yard, taking out several trees with it and clipping the corner of the house. No major damage to the structure, and Stephanie, as any self-respecting artist would do, strung Christmas lights along it.
  15. Christmas was spent in a Hiawassee cabin where everyone could gather, play games, and read- mostly books to Maddie.
  16. Mike and Carrie moved to Tennessee, which meant Ama and Poppa got some bonus time with Maddie. 

There was time for art and fitness in the middle of everything, even when it seemed like work and school took over every minute. We are grateful to be strong and healthy, with independent and self-sufficient adult children who still like hanging out with us! 

We look forward to a 2017 filled with family, music, art, and learning. Blessings to you who read this. May we all remember that, no matter what is happening in the world around us, God is on his throne and He loves us incomparably.

Brian and Stephanie

Maddie says, "2016 is all done!"

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Roberta Ann said...

I enjoyed viewing the pictures of your family.. Peace be with you!