Monday, December 03, 2007

The Season of Giving

This time of year is often overwrought with stress and busy-ness and other decidedly unpeaceful pursuits. Yet Christmastime should be an opportunity to reflect on the events of the previous year, gratitude for the blessings from God, and a distinct focus on the holy.

With that in mind, I want to give you, my readers, an opportunity to reflect and give. The first five people who comment on this blog will receive from me a handmade gift. The only quid pro quo is that you pay it forward by adding this same opportunity on your own blog.

Take time for peaceful reflection every day this month and give thanks for the gift of CHRISTmas.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for playing along. You can send me your address via my contact page on my blog.t

morningDove said...

I want to play. I love giving. I think I sent a request to your stamp email?

MrsL said...

just remember to pay it forward!

Melissa said...

I wrote a long comment and it looks like it did not post...short inspire me...

(aka Lady Chat)