Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Trees

Why do we have so many Christmas trees in our home? Growing up we only had one in each of our homes. The first years of our marriage we had one--in the main room of the house. Today I counted 15---and I suspect there is another one hiding somewhere. They're all shapes and sizes. Some have elaborate decorations, while others look more homespun. One tree is dedicated to domino ornaments from several swaps. One tree is devoted to nativities and angels.

None of the trees is particularly large, but I like effect of a miniature Christmas forest. They're easier to decorate, too....and much easier to store. (Allergies, pets, and fear of fire preclude real trees---besides they are expensive!) I also like seeing Christmas everywhere I turn. Every tree has its own collection of memories on it. The ornament Caty Mae created in pre-school Sunday school is there. The clay ornaments from Carrie's kindergarten class are displayed as well. Corinne's love of music is represented by a multitude of trumpets and pianos.

Then there are the gifts of ornaments collected over the years. The 12 bells from Roswell New Mexico, blown eggs from Eastern Europe--before the fall of communism, olive wood ornaments form Israel, beaten metal from Mexico...each one is significant.

Handcrafted ornaments are always happily displayed. Besides the domino ornament tree, there are ornaments of puzzle pieces, altered CDs, paper clay, origami, and glass balls filled with potpourri, tinsel, or glittery paint.

Each girl has her own set of ornaments--one for each year. Those they will take with them when they have homes of their own. The girls also have tiny trees in their rooms--decorated with tiny lights and ornaments.

There is certainly no lack of Christmas spirit here. Every tree reminds us to be grateful for the blessings God has given us---family, friends, a beautiful world, a hope for the future, and a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

May your days be merry and bright.....


Cheryl said...

Stephanie I loved seeing all your trees! Thank you so much for sharing. I have to get more of mine on my blog.

Bridget said...

I dont know how you get the time to decorate all those trees, not to mention the storage space you'd need. Looks lovely and I love how each one has its memory points.

Bridget Larsen
Canberra Australia

Beth said...

Stephanie thanks for sharing your beautiful trees with us loved looking and reading all about them