Monday, October 20, 2008

A Day for Introspection

In the last eight days two of the women I admired most went on to heaven. It is a sobering reminder that the length of my days on this earth are unknown, and that my legacy is not something to develop later on, but is how I live my life right now.

Beverly Webb was one of the mightiest prayer warriors I have ever known. Diagnosed with Stage IV cancer back in January, she fought back with a cheerful spirit and a determination to persevere in prayer and meditation on God's Word. At her funeral, the pastor read from her own private journals where she copied favorite scriptures in multiple versions. She listed every prayer request, along with God's answer to it. I know my name was in there somewhere because she sent me a card when I had my neck surgery in June. She just wanted me to know that she was praying for me. She rarely missed a choir rehearsal or a Sunday morning worship service--even in her last month. She and her husband, Lee, were married 49 years, and their joyful bond was evident to all who met them.

JoAnne Hoffman brought laughter everywhere she went. Quirky, opinionated, and lovable, JoAnne was my rubber-stamping buddy and Muse. She and her husband, Ed, hosted me at their home near San Antonio for the Angel Company winter retreat a couple of years ago...and what fun we had! JoAnne lived every moment of her life to the full. She traveled the world teaching rubber stamping on cruise ships--only JoAnne could land that gig! Her heart was as big as Texas, and her sense of fun was contagious. I loved being around her. I'm glad I called her just two weeks ago to check on her and let her know that I loved her. I miss her already.

So there it is. Two lives, lived in different places. Two women with completely different personalities and passions, but both holding places in my memory. In my imagination I'm certain that Beverly will share her music with JoAnne, and JoAnne will teach Beverly all about rubber stamp art. I can take comfort knowing that I will see them both again--fully healthy, cancer-free, brimming over with joy. They leave me a legacy of remembering to enjoy all of life, every day, and living to be a blessing to others. I hope I can leave that kind of legacy someday.


Dawn said...

How sad, sorry to hear of the loss of your two friends. I agree that you will meet again one day and have fun again xxx

Linda said...

I'm so sorry, Stephanie. Those are huge losses for you...and many others I'm sure. I'll be back to visit your blog soon.