Thursday, October 16, 2008

Double Blessings

Since January of 2007 I have enjoyed one day a week with my "rent-a-baby," Caroline. She is the daugher of friends from Sunday School. Technically they pay me to take care of her one day a week, but I love my time with her, so I can't count it as "work." Caroline has become one of the family. Carrie, Corinne, and Caty Mae are enamoured with her still, and love having her around as a "little sister."

We introduced her to Walton football (and band) last weekend--and what fun we had! She loved the music and the special attention from Corinne and Caty Mae and all their friends.

Six weeks ago, Caroline became a big sister. I missed her when her mama was on maternity leave, so I was delighted to have BOTH girls again last week. Abigail is as precious as her big sister and I'm looking forward to being doubly blessed. Isn't God good?

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Dawn said...

Ooh how lovely, you and Caroline look so happy - bless you both.

I have tagged you on my blog :-)
so check it out and I look forward to reading your responses.