Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So Much to Say

Saturday evening was a special event...and I had no idea how cool it would be. The handbell choir from church was invited to play at an international prayer conference in Atlanta. It wasn't a big gathering, but the people there represented ministries in Atlanta to a dozen different ethnic groups. There were leaders there ministering to Iranians, Russians, Indians, Spanish-speakers (Mexican and Cuban), Romania, and others I'm sure I've forgotten. The speaker I remeber most was born in Nazareth, worked in the Middle East, and now lives in Atlanta. He talked about prayer as a privilege, more important than sleep, and more powerful than the human mind can imagine.

Saturday was a lovely day--high in the upper 50s, sunny, and picturesque. Sunday afternoon, however, brought a March 1 snowstorm! Big fluffy flakes fell for at least 3 hours. Accoding to the news, Atlanta had up to four inches! Today ( a Wednesday) there is still snow on the ground anywhere that is shady or on the north side of a building. My poor tulip trees are terribly confused!

And then there was yesterday, Tuesday, March 3 when we all celebrated the short but full life of Brock Meadows: All four of my classes released balloons in memory of Brock and in honor of his family whose testimony in grief is honest and powerful. Brock's big brother, Asa, is in my 7th grade class, and it was cool to share that moment with him.

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