Sunday, May 17, 2009


I've been getting acquainted with PhotoShop Elements 7.0. Time is an issue (isn't it always?) but I have lots of great new photographs to work with. A day at the dog park led to a booking as a wedding photographer (another story....) New filters mean new experiments, so I have some really cool floral close ups. Scanning my charms and other embellishments give me lots of new .png files to add. All in all, I have boatloads of potential gathers on my external hard drive. And now that I am done with school, I gain a few more hours each week for experimentation.

Dreams of a Young Girl is my first digital collage. I used a picture of Carrie, a photo of the wedding dress (that back was fabulous), some "homemade" floral embellishments, and a couple of lines from Yeats. I used the "posterize" setting on PSE to play with the colors, and each layer has its own opacity. I am pretty happy with this first attempt and can hardly wait to start the next one!

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