Saturday, May 23, 2009


Several years ago I participated in a project through the San Francisco Public Library. Someone had vandalized hundreds of books, mostly in the human sexuality section of the library. I was appalled. Vandalism is hateful desctruction and leaves nothing positive in its wake. I may disagree with a lot of the current social "norms," but I am not going to set out to destroy the work of another just because I disagree. Discussion, reason, compassion--these are the appropriate responses to moral and social debates. There is no room for destruction---on either side of the issues. (Sadly, there's plenty of it, and reasonsing together seems a far away ideal.)

The SFPL took an unusual (and I think laudable) approach to handling the vandalism. Rather than simply curse the vandals and beg for replacements, the board decided to use the incident to create art--something positive and productive. I loved (and still love) that idea. Even though I am committed to my Biblical standards and I know that God hates sin, I also know He loves the sinner. The vandal committed sin in destroying the work. The homosexual community participates in what God calls "unnatural desires." In both cases, the pity and great love of God for the participant led to the cross. I am no less a sinner, in need of God's great mercy. To demonstrate that, I asked to participate in the project.

My theme was "The Light of TRUTH" and I used a touch light as the centerpiece. The book I received from the library was cut, but it was at a diagonal, so I could work with it. It took months to complete the project, but the end result accomplished what I wanted it to do. Now it has a page in the exhibition section of the San Francisco Public Library. Hopefully the message will prove meaningful to someone who needs it at just the right time.

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