Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Independence Day

I am enjoying the warm breezes off the Gulf of Mexico in Gulf Shores, Alabama this week. It is refreshing to mind, body, and soul. I've also taken about 600 pictures...most of them multiples with changes in shutter speed, aperture, and other manual settings.  I merged my two favorites into a digital scrapbook page. The background is a shot I took of fireworks on the beach. The other photo is my daughter and her boyfriend. I love the joy on her face, and the flag in the background is just the perfect compliment.

The oil spill has impacted the economy more than the beaches here. It's really sad to see all the empty rentals lining white sand beaches and clean water. From time to time there is a remnant of slick, but it dissipates quickly. There are tar "patties" on the beach, but they're easy to avoid and there are cleaning crews working up and down the beach to keep it clean. It's still a beautiful place to vacation...or retire.......hmmmmmm...

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