Sunday, December 12, 2010

Compass Points

True North. A compass is designed to point to the magnetic north of the earth, making navigation safe and reasonably reliable. But True North is different. True North cannot be swayed by electromagnetic energy or solar flares or shifts in subterrenean magnetic fields. True North is one place. Static. Stationary. Stable.

When true north is the basis for navigation, it is bound to be more reliable than magnetic north because of its absolute location. Finding true north, however, is more difficult than using a simple compass, and requires newer technology and greater skill.

In a sense, true north is an analogy to Truth. Most people in this world are satisfed with magnetic north because, in most cases, it is sufficient to the task at hand. But by placing faith in a changable direction, ultimately those who choose this route will miss the mark of the actual destination. So it is with heaven. There is a way that seems right: do good things, treat others well, care for the environment, take care of widows and orphans...and hundreds of other worthwhile and beneficial things. However, ultimately this way misses the mark of True North: relationship with God for eternity. True North can only be arrived at one way. True North requires a specific element. While all the earthly "magnetic north" elements are good things, they are not the Perfect thing.

It is Christmastime, and this season reminds those who listen that True North made itself visible in the form of a baby, born to a virgin, heralded by angels, shepherds, kings, and commoners. He grew up fully human, yet fully Deity. He was perfect, not only in action, but in motivation, thought, philosophy, wisdom, and anything of merit. By cruel death and miraculous resurrection, He laid the path for all to reach True North.

To reach True North is the pinnacle of a life. To meet True North is an experience of eternity. There is no shifting, no variation, and no close approximations to True North. It is--and HE is--the one True North.

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