Saturday, January 01, 2011


Words escape me these last few days. Being a writer, having no words is like having no right hand or no voice. Perhaps I try too hard to be profound. Perhaps I'm just tired. Perhaps (horrors) I have nothing to say.

It seems a strange way to start a new year, without words. Usually I am a fountain of words and thoughts and ideas. But today, I struggle to think through deciding what is worthy to write. I could, I suppose, do a reflection of the past year, but I would rather look forward. I could (and probably should) make goals for 2011 and imagine what lies ahead. But my mind goes blank and I envision nothing.

And perhaps, that is enough. Without an expectation, how can I be disappointed? Perhaps 2011 is a respite year. One where my mind and body recharge before launching into something new that requires emotional and physical and spiritual energy. Perhaps 2011 is a year to rest in God's sovereign grace and be content.

Perhaps. We shall see.

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