Saturday, September 29, 2012

Can I buy an hour--or two?

This year's schedule really has me spinning in circles. Six classes, one day of child care, making fancy coffee drinks at the JFBC Cafe, training for a marathon, and trying to make some time for a Sabbath rest means my poor blog is neglected and I can't plan any farther ahead than about 24 hours! My Etsy store is empty and my photography business has dried up for lack of attention.

For all the insanity, however, I am learning a lot. The C.S. Lewis class is far and away the most challenging thing I've ever done, but I love every minute of it. It challenges me on every level: spiritually, artistically, and as an educator.

So far I think my best art piece related to the Lewis class has been my collage for The Problem of Pain. Lewis attempts to make sense of the pain and suffering in this world, and for the most part his logic is flawless. It is still so hard to see that a loving and merciful God allows such things to happen to the innocent, but without suffering, there can be no joy. If He didn't allow man to be cruel to his own, then Christ's work would be in vain.  Free will has consequences.

We're moving on to The Screwtape Letters. The reading is less heavy, but no less powerful. Every chapter has some element that strikes me to the core and challenges who I think I am and who I really am. Ouch. It makes me grateful every time I think about it that I know whom I have believed and He is able!!

So much to little time on earth. Grateful for an eternity to really understand it all.

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