Friday, December 21, 2012

All the little chickens are in the nest...sort of

Tis the season! The college girl and the married girl are both home. The one who actually lives here, however, is still out an about. It will be a while before we actually have all of the children home together again. It's kind of weird to see them growing up, becoming independent, and making lives of their own. Normal is taking on yet a new meaning. We still laugh a lot, make bad jokes, and enjoy hanging out. Hopefully that will never change. Now, however, we never know which subset of Loomises will be around. And that is the way it should be. We give them wings, teach them to fly, and push them out of the nest. We let them go with no expectations except that they will soar. We hope that they return to visit. We hope they choose to build their own nests nearby so that they can fly by for short visits. But we refrain from pressuring them. Once they leave the nest, they fly on their own, making their own choices, living their own lives.


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