Saturday, December 29, 2012

Love. Laughter, and Lobster

Both last year and this my little (okay, younger) brother has gifted out family with an extravagant dinner experience for Christmas: live lobster. This year's guys were REALLY active--had they been less carefully packaged, they just may have made it back to the Atlantic. Happily for us, they only made it as far as our boiling pots of water. The meal is an experience from opening the box through the post meal scientific inquiry. Brian and Corinne both enjoy dissecting the remnants and identifying parts. Of course, such science generally leads to hilarity since the tools are more blunt than true science would suggest, and lobster parts end up all over. This year there was lobster on the wall, the table, and everyone's faces/hair/clothes but mine. Being the photographer does have its benefits.

Thanks for the memories, little brother!

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