Saturday, May 10, 2008


In the span of a lifetime, eighteen years isn't so many. However, the FIRST eighteen years encompass a lifetime of change and growth. To watch a child grow from an infant to a young adult truly is a fearful and wonderful thing.

As parents, Brian and I enjoyed, taught, prayed for, and agonized over our first born in precocious toddlerhood and early childhood, through devastating depression and eating disorder, and finally toward a future of health and hope and happiness. To reach this mile-marker of her eighteenth birthday is both a joy and a relief. There were days wherein we wondered whether any of us would survive the turmoil of those adolescent years, but God was faithful and brought us all through.

Now we look at this lovely young lady with gratitude for who she has become. She is a passionate philosopher with little use for superficiality. She is unique and proud to be so. She uses her talents in music and art to express herself. She isn't afraid to be silly or opinionated or adventurous. She is ready to take on the world.


mary schweitzer said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love what you have written here. I'm sure your daughter knows she is well loved. Congrats on raising such a well rounded person.

Kim said...

Aww! Congratulations on creating a wonderful human being - from the sound of it I'd say she has an excellent start in life!
(and the blog looks amazing too!)
I rather like 'the accidental artist' and think it would make a great name for your site!

Dawn said...

I hope your daughter has a wonderful and happy life, my daughter is 16 this year and there have been many tears and much upsets, mainly serious bullying over the fact that she is a redhead, she is a beautiful girl and is starting to realise that she is beautiful inside and out and others are realising the same, the trials and tribulations of parenthood! All the best to you all xxx

Moonwillow said...

Isn't it wonderful watching our children turn into adults? It is sad too but in a good way. Best of luck to your darling daughter on her way to becomming a fantastic woman!

Dianne Adams said...

Touching story and beautiful work. I have a fifteen year old daughter and she is a blessing and a challenge.

ScrapGirls Ro said...

Oh, I can relate to this. My youngest daughter is turning 18 in June. I am both happy about it and traumatized by it. She is my baby and yet, she is a young woman. All I know is that I love her even though she has gone through so many trials as we..

Your post is a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Wonderful.