Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn Leaves

With the rain we're getting this year I don't know how much fall color we'll get. The trees in front of my house are dropping leaves pretty quickly, but without turning the yellow and scarlet they usually do. Hopefully later this fall the North Georgia hills will have some colors to photograph.

So, for now, I'm enjoying creating my own autumn colors with a combination of markers, chalks, colored pencils, and FlowerSoft (a pretty cool way to add texture and color.)
Stampscapes images are wonderful for coloring--which is a nice way to spend an afternoon when it's gloomy outside! I also got some new collage images from I Brake for Stamps.

So, until I make my way north, these colors will be my view of autumn leaves.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Golden said...

These are all beautiful! I love the pine cone one. I see your organized studio space has given you more time to create.