Monday, October 12, 2009

A Space to Create

It's amazing what a few shelves and a LOT of purging will do! This weekend I spent hours purging, cleaning, emptying, and reloading the workshop are of my studio. (Yes, I am incredibly blessed with a studio AND a workshop. Maybe I'm just spoiled...either way, I'm grateful!) Brian put together shelves for me and now I have room to create without tripping over myself. There are no "before" pictures because it was just a cluttered mess. However, here is the space where I can do my "messy" creating:

By the way, most of the purged material is still usuable, and will be donated to "Art Feeds." It's a non-profit one of my students is involved with. Their mission:

"We believe in doing what you love and changing the world with it, so this is what we do to create change. Art Feeds is about finding giant inspiration within these small kids, and giving them the tools to acheive their dreams. Love Naively. Give Generously. Be Foolishly Compassionate."

I get a cleaner space, they get stuff to play with--everyone wins!

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Elizabeth Golden said...

Sounds like a win win situation to me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Ooh Your house looks so clean! I wish mine was as clean.