Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Marvelous Incarnation

One of my groups is doing a challenge inspired by the work of artists Angi Sullins  and Silas Toball.  I fell for their colorful creations and whimsical approach to life and art. Life should be magical, because it is marvelous!

The gallery at my church has an open call for art with the theme of Advent, so I put the two together to create this piece.

The original background photo is a tree in autumn. I used an overlay from Kim Klassen with the Luminosity blending mode at 92%. The text background is Luke 2:1-20, while the primary text is from Psalm 118. I created it using a text path and a couple of different gradients plus strokes to get the effect I wanted. The baby is Corinne right after she was born. The rest is a series of brushes and an overlay from Digital Scrapbook Place. I finished with a simple frame made with a selection layer and the paint bucket tool.

Fun stuff!

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