Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Moment

 This is a happy accident. I was playing with blending modes for this picture that I took on yesterday's hike. Phone cameras are handy, although there's not much control over exposure. Still, I have a little stash of iPhone pics to use for artwork. I started by adjusting the levels: RGB, then red, then blue. I increased the saturation, so I had some good autumnal colors to work with. Then I put an overlay on top (DigiDesignResort, SD Muslin 8) and tried my usual blending modes: overlay, multiply, and soft light. Not happy with those, I turned to the ones I don't fully understand: difference and exclusion. Difference was good, but EXCLUSION was magical. Suddenly the photo was an old tapestry from a castle in Europe. It was a glimpse of some other world. It was just MORE.

I then cropped it to fit as my Facebook cover and added a quote from C.S. Lewis: "This moment contains all moments..." from The Great Divorce. (Great little book, by the way.)  I love it when art happens as I play.

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Lauren Benton said...

I love this picture and I loved that book! FANTASTIC.