Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude Day Ten

Today we began what we hope will become a tradition for our family. We went to Stone Mountain, GA as a family and just had fun. We hiked to the top of the rock and back down, watched a 4-D version of The Polar Express, took a train ride around the rock, saw a gospel presentation by "Aunt Grace," laughed at a comedic retelling of A Christmas Carol, viewed a holiday laser light show, and ended the evening with a Snow Angel's magic and fireworks.

Altogether, it was a wonderful day. Today, then I am grateful for family. My husband and my girls are God's gift to me, and I cherish the days we have together. We are so blessed to be healthy and happy and together this year. I am grateful for these happy times because I truly understand how precious they are. Memories like the ones we made today will be with me forever.

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jon m. said...

Wow! That sounds like fun!
I went to Stone Mountain a long time ago... I don't remember much of it, but I do remember I had fun.
Its kind of funny, Stone Mountain is technically a hill (it isn't big enough to be an official mountain) but we call it a mountain anyways. "Stone Mountain" definitely beats "Stone Hill"! lol